Lethbridge Homeowners Love Their Dogs and Their … Dog Poop?


cute dogDespite the risk of having my real estate blog show up in Google searches for “dog poop,” I feel compelled as a REALTOR® to write about a topic that has become a little too near and dear to me over the past few weeks. I suppose it was unavoidable given that spring came early and the snow cover has been minimal this year …

I am one of those real estate agents that truly believes every property has something special to offer. Unfortunately, some homes have a little extra something that’s hard to put a price on … and easy to put a discount on.

I showed 17 homes this weekend to two different buyer clients. From charming starter homes that needed “a little TLC” to high end homes that showed 10 out of 10, at every price point we managed to get ourselves knee deep in one thing: dog poop.


I wish I didn’t have to bring this up, but it’s problematic. It’s problematic for the homeowner who either can’t get their own yard “scooped” or who has a neighbour that doesn’t mind showcasing a yard full of doggie mess day in and day out. It’s problematic for buyers who can’t visualize (or smell) past the poop.

While Lethbridge is a shining example of genuine community pride, it seems that some of us have a ways to go, either as neighbours or as homeowners. And it sort of saddens me, as a resident, as a REALTOR®, and as a pet owner.

I am sympathetic to pet mess and the hassle of trying to keep less-than-show-home-worthy sights and smells at bay while having a house on the market. But let’s get real for a moment: it’s a buyer’s market. There is a lot of inventory. If you’re a buyer with multiple homes to choose from within a price range and even within one neighbourhood, why choose the stinky one if you don’t have to?

And if you’re a homeowner with pet mess to contend with, consider making arrangements to have it dealt with, 7 days a week. If your neighbour isn’t being so neighbourly on the poop front, it may be time for some over-the-fence conversation about keeping the yard as clean as possible. The saleability—and market value—of your home is on the line.

What are your thoughts on this touchy issue? Feel free to share your comments below.