It’s Not What You Say. It’s What You Don’t.


DeleteWas doing my Monday morning cruise through the social web and came across a post that reminded me of all the things most real estate agents — and small biz types in general — are doing wrong, wrong, wrong. In fact, we ALL do this in our daily lives in 2012, and quite frankly, I think it needs to stop. If I may step onto my soapbox then …

Just because the Internet and Facebook and texting and all that digital yumminess is there for the taking, it doesn’t mean we should trip all over ourselves to share every breath we take, every crumb of information we consume, every slight and every fancy with the digital universe. It’s tacky. It’s weird. It’s not useful to anyone. It’s noise.

…restraint separates good from great. This is true in design, writing, marketing, branding. Even in relationships, fitness and parenting.

~ Jessica Swesey,

Don’t be the noise.

We have too much noise (ref: last U.S. election). We have so much noise that nothing is heard. Meaning is lost. We can only hear the sound of our own click, click, click.

Be the calm. Be the solitude. Curate what you create and what you collect. Above all, be an editorAnd people will suddenly look up from their streaming myopia and listen.

Keep it real out there and have a great week.


  • Lori Lavallee

    Be discriminating!