Can’t Decide Which House to Buy? Simplify With This Rule of Three


Finding the right home in LethbridgeWe’ve all heard tales of homebuyers spending weeks or even months on end searching for the perfect property. It’s unfortunate when this happens because it  creates stress and anxiety for the individual or family who wants to settle in and move on with day-to-day life.

Lethbridge tends to vacillate between a balanced market and a soft one. That means there is enough inventory to go around. It also means that you can look at homes within a single price range  forever and still not see everything. New listings are hitting the market every day!

The Perils of Poor Decision-Making (or Making No Decision At All)

The first decision in your real estate journey is whether or not to commit to buying a home. Yet, many people actually skip this step! If you’re not committed to the outcome, the best real estate agent on Earth can’t get you there. We’re a team.

Bottom line: if you feel you must see hundreds of homes before you buy, you might not be ready to buy.

That said, I am always prepared to show my buyer clients a solid range of properties to help them understand what they can—and cannot—get for their money. This imparts confidence which, along with my personal support and facilitation, leads to the desired outcome: buying a home you can love and enjoy for years to come!

The following outlines a Jedi Mind Trick for making the home selection process much easier.

Karri’s House Shopping Rule of Three:

Once your real estate agent has booked your showings, make sure s/he provides you with a feature sheet for each home. Bring a pen too. After you see each property, have a 60-second, gut-feel debrief in which you and your agent ask the following:

  1. Do you love it?
  2. Could you love it?
  3. No love = OFF the list. Love or potential for love = short list contender.

At the end of your showings, don’t “let” yourself keep more than three favorites. If you go out again to see homes, do the same exercise and then take your two sets of 3 and narrow it down again to 3. This ensures you’re only ever evaluating 3 homes at most. From there you and your REALTOR® can weigh the pros and cons of each, with the “winner” usually becoming quite obvious.

Give it a try! You will start to focus in on the right home quickly, without having to see the entire City of Lethbridge first. 🙂